Friday, May 29, 2009

Pago, lots of new zones and some new stickers

Hi everyone,

Well it's been a good month weatherwise for slaving over a hot computer and not feeling like you're missing out!  (Although it was very nice to see some sun for the first time in a while yesterday!)

One of the outcomes of all the work is that as of today Pago has been added as a payment option for people purchasing credit for their Zenbu accounts.  Pago allows people without a credit card to make payment using their Pago "wallets" (basically online "bank" accounts) linked to their mobile phone or email account.  It's a pretty nifty system which can be used to send payments to people by text message or email (not just for shopping online).  More information is available on the Pago website.  As always we are keen to hear any feedback regarding Pago (or anything else).

Also, this month has already seen the addition of 20 new Zenbu wireless zones to our network.  Welcome to all the new venues.  For people roaming the country, the addition of Dunkin' Donuts outlets in Auckland and Wholly Bagels in Wellington is handy.  Easy to stop in for a bite to eat, a coffee and a quick internet session before moving on to your next destination.  It's always very satisfying to see the new zones pop up on the map and start being used.

We have also received several requests lately from people wanting Zenbu stickers.  We had run out of the previous stickers and were planning on redesigning them before having more printed, but because demand is relatively high we have ordered more of the same.  They should be ready by the end of next week and we will forward them to customers who have requested them.  If anyone else would like some stickers please let us know and we'll put you on the list.

Rumour has it that Sammy at has the latest Google Android phone in his hands so there may well be an Android version of the Zenbu App coming out sometime soon.  Go Sammy!

Alright, time for a bit of lunch for me before getting back into an afternoon on the computers.


The Zenbu Team

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