Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Zealand Zenbu hotspot pricing changes.

Hi everyone,

Just quickly placing a little something in the Christmas stockings.

What is that you may ask?
Well... simply, more data for less $.

We've halved our prices!  Now you get more bang for your buck when purchasing credit online via the Zenbu website.

Prior to this change, credit purchased online at all New Zealand and Cook Islands hotspots cost 10 cents per MegaByte used.
...Now, at all New Zealand hotspots which are not satellite based, the price is 5 cents per MegaByte.

The change took effect at 00:00 AM, Thursday, December 25, 2014 NZDT (GMT+13) and applies to any internet connections activated after this time.

(So, for those of you who have already purchased credit on our website... you should notice your remaining data has doubled at applicable hotspots. For everyone else, all the more reason to purchase some credit!)

Have a great day and a happy, safe holiday period. Merry Christmas!


The Zenbu Team

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cook Islands Zenbu credit pricing changes.

Hi everyone,

The busy season is nearly upon us and just in time, we have another quick announcement to make!

With the arrival of the new O3b satellite network and the subsequently introduced broadband plans (which are cheaper and faster!) we can now (and have!) lowered the cost of credit purchased from our website for Cook Islands hotspots.

Prior to the change, online purchased credit at Cook Islands hotspots was (NZD) 30 cents per MegaByte.
After the change, this pricing has come inline with the (current) New Zealand price of (NZD) 10 cents per Megabyte.

This change took effect;
00:00 AM, Monday, November 17, 2014 CKT (GMT-10)

Better, faster, cheaper internet for both hotspot operators and thus their customers alike.
Another great leap for internet availability in the Cook Islands!


The Zenbu Team

Friday, November 7, 2014

Some older operating systems / web browsers are no longer supported.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update;

Coinciding with the phasing out of the SHA-1 (secure hashing algorithm), operating systems and web browsers which do not support at least SHA-2 will no longer be able to use Zenbu (specifically, to access the secure pages of our website such as logging in / buying credit).

Note: This change was made on Tuesday the 4th November, 2014.

SHA-1 has been deprecated since 2011 and is soon to be treated as insecure by common browsers (For example: )

You can check whether the version of your operating system and / or web browser meets the minimum requirements here;

One of the more common platforms that people may still be using (but will no longer work with Zenbu) are versions of Windows XP prior to Service Pack 3.

Arguably, if your computer is using a version of Windows XP prior to Service Pack 3, then irrespective of Zenbu, it should not really be connecting to the internet at all (for your own security / safety).


The Zenbu Team

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zenbu Android App

Hi everyone,

As we wind our way up to the busy season... another update from Zenbu is ready for public use.

Our announcement this time is regarding a new project by the name of... "Zenbu Connect"

Zenbu Connect is an application for Android devices which is chockablock full of convenience. You save your user settings into the app once and from there on out you are pretty much sussed for using Zenbu.

Containing often requested features such as auto-login and convenient on the fly access to your usage history / credit balance, this app is highly recommended for all users connecting to Zenbu with an Android device.

Check it out here:


1. Download, install and run the application.
2. Click the top button on the title page and input / save your user details.
(If you don't have a Zenbu user account, you can create one at:
3. Open the settings page from the main menu and select what you desire.
4. That's it, you are ready to go! Connect to and login at any Zenbu hotspot using the app.  Easy, made even easier.


If you have any feedback regarding the app, then by all means, let us know at
...Especially if you encounter a bug! We want all hands on deck to squash those. :)


The Zenbu Team.