Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making it a bit easier to find things

Hi everyone,

Well things are already getting busier for the summer, at least according to our usage statistics. It looks like the accommodation providers out there are filling up and tourists are once again roaming around the country in force visiting Zenbu wireless zones as they go. With all the iPhones and other nifty little computers out there that are easier to carry than ever, more and more people are taking their Wi-Fi gizmos with them on holiday.

To help people find Zenbu hotspots we have improved the search functionality on the list of our wireless zones (which is getting pretty long these days!). It is now possible to display a list of all New Zealand Wi-Fi hotspots or a subset like Wi-Fi hotspots in Paihia or Wi-Fi hotspots in Kaikoura. People can also search for Zenbu wireless internet zones in specific towns or regions (for example Wi-Fi hotspots in Coromandel, Wi-Fi hotspots in the Bay of Plenty) using the search form on the list page. All the lists can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved to a computer so that the next Zenbu wireless internet zone is easy to find even when an internet connection is not available.

Well, it's definitely satisfying to have a list of zones so long that it needs to be better managed. We hope the new changes make it easier and more convenient for anyone wanting to find one of our wireless zones.

Bring on summer!


The Zenbu Team