Friday, August 1, 2008

A record month of payments to zone operators

Hi everyone,

Well the horrible weather throughout most of the country for most of July apparently kept people inside using the internet. We made record payments to our zone operators of $2396.68 in July. On top of this, many more people used access vouchers obtained from the operators of our wireless zones for access. So there was certainly a lot of internet use in July! It is very satisfying to see so many people happily using our wireless system.

During July we also reached the mini-milestone of 200 zones deployed and online. We are still growing very quickly with much of the growth due to the very positive word of mouth we receive from our customers. Thanks to everyone who uses the Zenbu system and especially to those of you who have told others about it. It's nice to see the map of New Zealand so well covered with Zenbu markers.

On the developmental side of things, you may have noticed some new functions we have added to the zone administration page. You can now provide free access to certain websites and can also use your own website as the page people see once they've connected to the internet. It is also possible to 'hide' your zone. This will remove it from the map and list of our zones. These functions are listed as 'Premium' services on the administration page. In the future there may be an additional charge for using some or all of these functions, but for now they are available free of charge.

A new payment option has also been added. People can now use American Express credit cards when purchasing credit online.

Well that's about it from Zenbu HQ. Hopefully we'll see the sun again sometime in August!


The Zenbu Team