Friday, August 21, 2009

Zenbu Cook Islands

Hi everyone,

Well it's been a while since the last post and we've spent a busy few months sheltering from the weather in front of the computers. It now feels like we're emerging from winter and everything is springing back to life.

The most major recent development is that Zenbu is now available in the Cook Islands. It is exactly the same system as is available in New Zealand but because broadband internet access up there is so expensive (and slow!) the price for Zenbu credit is 30 cents per megabyte. The Cook Islands is about the only country we've seen that has broadband plans that make New Zealand's seem great! For those interested (and who want to feel better about the prices and broadband speeds we get here in NZ) please have a look at Cook Islands' broadband plans.

Zenbu customers who have purchased credit online in New Zealand can use their credit in the Cook Islands but will be charged the Cook Island price. People who purchase credit online while in the Cook Islands will be able to use their credit and will get NZ's cheaper price when they're back in New Zealand (so their credit will go even further). You can view a list of the zones available in the Cook Islands here.

So welcome to the Cook Islands and thanks to Marcus at Air Rarotonga who discovered the Zenbu wireless system while in New Zealand and thought it was a good solution for them. We hope many happy tourists enjoy the Zenbu internet access that is already available and that the Zenbu wireless system will proliferate in the Cook Islands as it has in New Zealand.

Well we now have over 350 zones online and the network continues to grow quickly. Thanks to everyone involved.


The Zenbu Team.

PS. Yes we do have new stickers in stock now. Please let us know if you'd like any to advertise your Zenbu wireless service.

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