Monday, April 27, 2009

Record payments to our zone operators

Hi everyone,

Well yesterday was another record for payments to our zone operators.  For the first time ever we paid out over $8000 in a month, with the total coming in at $8016.71.  I hope the upward trend continues despite the typically quieter winter period coming up!  Thanks again to all our zone operators.

Lately we're seeing (and hearing of) an increasing number of people roaming the country choosing to stay at accommodations and visit businesses offering Zenbu wireless access.  We recently received a great email from one such person who had spent about a month in New Zealand, traveling from Auckland, to Paihia, through Tauranga to Rotorua and Ohakune, then through the South Island, connecting at 13 different Zenbu venues along the way.  How much did it cost for internet access to do all that?  For this visitor the total cost was $5.  No wonder he liked his Zenbu experience and took the time to send the following email after returning to Germany!

"Hi, i want tell you about my great expierience with using Zenbu on my holiday in NZ. It is so easy and cheap. The iPhone application is very helpful. Every Hotel/Motel should have a Zenbu router. Greetings from Germany."

It is certainly very satisfying to see our little network being used as we hoped it would be and to receive such positive feedback from happy customers!

In other news, and loosely related to people roaming the country choosing Zenbu businesses, because the number of venues providing Zenbu wireless access has been increasing constantly we have finally had to clean up the map on our website.  It is now hopefully much easier to find our wireless zones in particular locations.  As well as being easier to find, any accommodations signed up with Vianet can now be booked online, directly from the links on our map.  You can view the map of our wireless zones at  Note that if you're at one of our wireless zones, you will need to login to the website in order to see the map.  If you have any suggestions for the map of our zones or any experience with Vianet that you'd like to share, please do!

Okay, that's about it from HQ.  Back to work for me.


The Zenbu Team

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