Friday, April 11, 2008

Adding access codes as friends

Hello everyone,

Another quick update on happenings here at Zenbu HQ.

Well, it seems that every month we are setting records for payments to zone operators. Last month we paid a total of $1746.04 and on top of this zone operators sold a lot of their own access vouchers! It is very satisfying to see lots of payments being made to our zone operators as it means more and more people are using the Zenbu Wireless Network. And we're still growing very quickly. In just the last month we have added another dozen zones. This time last year we only had a dozen zones in total!

A minor function which has been added recently is the ability to add access codes as friends of a zone. This means the access code will have free internet access. This may be useful for venues wanting to provide unlimited internet access for a limited time (conferences, special customers etc). Just create the access code as always, then add it as a friend on your zone administration page and give it to the person you want to have unlimited internet access. When you want to stop the unrestricted internet access, simply delete the access code from the system or remove it as a friend. We hope at least some of you find this function helpful. (Thank you Simon for the suggestion.)

As always, if you have any requests for new functions please let us know. We listen closely to feedback and requests from customers and most requests make it onto the ever-expanding planning board.


The Zenbu Team

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