Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zenbu stickers and instructions for connecting...

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let all zone operators know that we now have waterproof outdoor stickers available. These are designed to be added to your existing signage to help advertise your Zenbu wireless internet system.

There are two sizes available, the larger is 25.5cm x 14cm and the smaller is 9.1cm square. Both are printed on UV resistant, waterproof vinyl suitable for being displayed outdoors.

[ 255mm x 140mm ]

[ 91mm x 91mm ]

If you would like some of these stickers to use at your zone, please send us an email and we will post some out to you.

We have also been asked by several zone operators whether there are any instructions available that they can put in their rooms to help people connect to the internet. Connection instructions have been available on our website for some time, but were obviously too well-hidden for many people to find. There is now a more prominent link to the connection instructions on the zone administration page.

Please let us know if you'd like some stickers or still have difficulty finding or printing the instructions for connecting to the internet.


The Zenbu Team

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