Thursday, April 17, 2008

PDF list of zones and a bit more search

Hi everyone,

Another function has just been added to our website.

People often want a list of our zone locations which they can take with them. Well, now you can easily create and download a PDF list directly from our website. This is great for printing and giving to people and for people to save to their own computers so they can look up our zone locations when they are away from an internet connection.

Both the address and the GPS coordinates of zones are provided, so high-tech travelers carrying GPS devices can find the zone by coordinates (if they think our New Zealand addresses are a bit difficult to work with). Other contact details for the zone are also provided.

You can also search for zones in a particular location and save this sub-list. If you're going on holiday to Paihia (for example), just display the zones in Paihia, then save the PDF list to your computer or print it out and take your pick from the list when you get there.

The lists are updated daily, so will always be up to date.

You can try this new function on our zones list page.


The Zenbu Team

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