Friday, October 1, 2010

GST changes, more connections and over 500 Zenbu locations online

Hi everyone,

Well it's about time for another quick update on things here at Zenbu HQ.

As most of you are probably well aware, GST in New Zealand has increased to 15% as of today, October 1st 2010. Despite the increase in GST we are not going to increase our prices.

For people providing Zenbu wireless access who are not registered for GST the increase in GST means there will be a change in the per-megabyte amount you are paid for usage. You will still be paid 50% of revenue we receive, but the amount we receive has decreased so the amount we pay will also decrease.

Up until today we have been paid 8.89 cents per megabyte by customers who purchase credit online (10 cents less GST @ 12.5% = 8.89 cents) and 50% of that has been paid to the location at which the credit is used (4.44 cents per megabyte). From today because we now only receive 8.70 cents per megabyte (10 cents less GST @ 15% = 8.70 cents) the location at which credit is used (if not GST registered) will be paid 4.35 cents per megabyte.

GST registered zone operators will continue to receive 50% of the GST inclusive payment we receive from customers (5 cents per megabyte).

Now, with that taxing topic out of the way I'm happy to point out we now have over 500 locations providing Zenbu wireless access (518 Zenbu hotspots are online as I type this). The map of New Zealand is very well covered ( with Zenbu hotspots available from Mangonui in the north to Stewart Island in the south and most places in between (including Balclutha, Waiau, Waipukurau, Temuka, Rangiora, Great Barrier Island and many other places outside the "main centres" that many businesses focus on). It's nice to see all the smaller towns around NZ gradually appearing on the map.

I should also mention we now have over 20 Zenbu locations in Rarotonga. It's a much easier destination to visit for people who need to stay in touch than it was before the Zenbu wireless system was made available (if I may say so myself). On that front, Cook Island operators can now register a Cook Island bank account to receive payments from us. Just click on the "register a bank account" link on your zone administration page and provide your account details.

Now it was only back in April that we had our millionth connection. Already, only 6 months later, we have had nearly 1.5 million. The 1.5 millionth connection should happen sometime in the next few weeks. It's great to have so many people using the system so frequently.

Well that's about it from us.


The Zenbu Team.

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