Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few new things and some milestones

Hi everyone,

It has been a busy start to 2010 for us and apparently also for most of our zone operators. On average there have been well over 1000 people per day using the Zenbu network, well up on the numbers from the previous summer.

During the summer we upgraded some of our servers making the Zenbu wireless service both faster and even more reliable than ever. Since the beginning of 2010 our system has been available 99.996% of the time and the minimal downtime we have had was during the scheduled outages when we were upgrading the servers!

We have also recently reached a few milestones. Notably our millionth connection happened back in early April and we have now had over 200,000 visitors to the website since we started! It is very satisfying to see the growth and to pass such milestones.

The number of locations with Zenbu WiFi access in the Cook Islands continues to grow and The Computerman up there seems to be doing a good job promoting the Zenbu wireless solution. Rarotonga is now pretty well covered and people should never be too far from a Zenbu WiFi hotspot if they need to make sure all is well on the internet while they're enjoying the warmth of the Cook Islands.

Function-wise we have recently added the ability of zone operators to add friends with a limited amount of free data they can use each month. This is a function that had been requested by a few operators over the years and makes good sense. So it is now possible to provide a user with say 1 gigabyte free access per month and have their credit automatically reset each month on a particular day (eg. the day your broadband allowance resets). Great for venues with long term guests, regular customers or even people just wanting to control their kids' internet usage!

Well although it feels like it's time to hibernate for the winter, we'll be busy improving things for all our users.


The Zenbu Team.

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