Monday, November 17, 2008

More records fall by the wayside

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since the last update but there are a few things we think are worth mentioning.

First, each of the last 3 months has been an improvement on the previous record for customers using the Zenbu wireless network. In October we paid out a record total of $4000.61 to our zone operators. That's up from only $2396.68 in July. It's very satisfying to have so many people using the system. The current maximum number of simultaneous users that we've seen online is 94, which is certainly quite a crowd!

This growth means we'll be adding more servers over the coming months to provide an even more reliable service and allow for continued expansion. We already have quite a collection of servers, that can comfortably handle the current load, but we're very happy to have plenty of redundancy and capacity so the Zenbu service will continue to be as robust as possible. If we are making any changes that might impact service we will post the information on our website.

Some of you may have noticed already but we have recently added a Live Chat option to our contact page. This allows people to contact us without having to call and without needing to be able to check their email. Hopefully it will be accessible to everyone, even those not able to login to use the internet, but if you experience any problems using the service please let us know. If the trial goes well Live Chat should become a permanent feature.

I'd also like to mention the new Zenbu search application which runs on the Apple iPhone. For details please see It's great to have all that info in your pocket with no need to pay data charges. A Windows Mobile version should be available sometime in the future. Good job developing it Sammy!

Well, we welcome all the new zone operators who have signed up to provide Zenbu wireless service over the last couple of months. It is very nice to continually see new zones popping up on the map!

Until next time thanks for using Zenbu.


The Zenbu Team

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